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Suntop Group



Suntop Group was formed in Xiamen, China in 1999. Since then it has quickly gained a reputation as a leading supplier of retail solutions. Its work is both innovative and high quality.

Today it operates primarily from its consolidated manufacturing center in Xiamen. The center occupies over 50,000 square meters and today the group employs around 600 staff.

It produces world-class modular and customized solutions for clients both domestic and international.

It has exported to nearly 40 countries and served more than 2000 store projects annually. It operates from design, through manufacturing to in-store installation.

Suntop Group consists of a number of related businesses including:
• Suntop Manufacturing – focused on the manufacture and distribution of retail solutions for international and local clients
• R.I.S. Europe – sales and distribution of retail solutions within Europe, Africa and Australasia
• R.I.S. Asia – sales and distribution of retail solutions within South East Asia, Hong Kong, India and the Middle East.
• Suntop Commercial – manufacture for smaller volume projects
• Sunsmart – manufacture for smaller volume clients

Suntop Group:
Suntop (Xiamen) Display System Inc.
Suntop RIS Asia (HK) Ltd.
Suntop Retail Instore Solutions (RIS) Asia Pte. Ltd.
Suntop RIS Retail Instore Solutions Private Limited.
Suntop RIS Europe Limited.
Suntop(Xiamen) Commercial Furniture Co., Ltd.
Suntop(Xiamen) Sunsmar Project Management Ltd.