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Suntop Group recognizes that the retail world is changing
at an ever-increasing pace.

Changes include:

  • Store sizes
  • Store locations
  • The need to deal with more sophisticated shoppers
  • Store life cycles
  • The need for increased eco friendly store designs and materials
  • The increasing role technology plays in the shopping experience
  • Because of this Suntop has ensured that Innovation is part of the DNA of the business, and that it is uppermost at all times.

    Suntop has long invested in Research and Development and today has a highly regarded multi-disciplined team focused on material and manufacturing innovation. Today the business has over 45 patents, highlighting the intellectual property applied to our customers and their projects.

    Highlighted within the website are key patented innovations including the CLICK system, and new shelf lighting systems – H-LITE and V-LITE.