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While some clients want unique solutions to meet their needs we find a significant number of our clients are looking for a more standard, modular solution. This can be something “off the shelf”, perhaps with some minor alterations to meet their needs.

For over a decade Suntop have developed a range of standardized, modular systems. Each system is highly flexible and they are developed in a number of finishes including wood, aluminum, steel, zinc, glass and acrylic.

All our systems are quality tested before being launched and most have significant in store experience where they have proved to be a cost effective and attractive solution.

One of our newest introductions is Suntop EQ. This is a new high quality offering the best in fixtures and fittings. Ideal for a stand alone luxury store or where you really want to stand out through quality. Suntop EQ also includes guaranteed stock on hand and guaranteed quality.

More information on any of our modlar solutions can be ganed throgh contacting Suntop at