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Feb 24, 2020


Fighting conronavirus-we are on the way!

The Chain of Love. It is reported that Wuhan will face another round of cold spell with an increased number of patients. We, at SUNTOP, are deeply moved by the selfless dedication of the frontline medical professionals who work all night without adequate rest and food. SUNTOP always uphold the spirit of "Social Responsibility and Paying Forward to the society" and is proactive to help fight against the epidemic. After two days of difficult deployment, on the afternoon of 2020 February 16, the trucks loaded with 1,200 boxes of donated food supplies were rushed to the center of the epidemic area of Wuhan. They were donated to the Wuhan Tongji Hospital (a subdivision of Guanggu), Wuhan Tongji Hospital and Wuhan Yaxin General Hospital. In total, SUNTOP donated a total value of RMB 300,000 in food supplies to the medical workers. We look forward to the early and safe return home of these heroes.
No winters cannot be overcome, no difficulties are unconquerable. Let us all look forward to the spring bloom in Wuhan!