• Suntop have sought to build end-to-end capability for its clients.This means that Suntop can provide customers with a whole solution for their retail development, from idea to store opening. This is managed seamlessly within China, through the Suntop Group of companies. Internationally it is managed through Suntop’s highly experienced account team and with a global network of partners.

    But because of the way Suntop is structured customers can simply engage with Suntop for one or two steps in the development process. How you chose to utilize the expertise of Suntop is up to you and your needs.Each step in the process is transparently priced with no cross subsidization of costs.

    If you do chose to use Suntop for only part of your retail development rest assured that because of Suntop’s end-to-end capabilities it will always maintain a holistic view of the process. Its in-depth understanding of every step in an end-to-end solution means it understands the context behind every step.


    Suntop has long invested in Research and Development and today has a highly regarded multi-disciplined team, who focuses on development of material and manufacturing, innovation of terminal retail system. Today the business has a 150-people R&D and obtain dozens of patents with proprietary intellectual property rights, which including digital visual display and O&M solutions for retail stores etc., these bring appreciations to our customers and their projects.
    Lighting solutions--Suntop understand that good lighting can grow sales on shelf by an average of 20%, combining the use of software, thus we have created wireless lighting solutions which are effective and easy to use.
    Click-- The Click system allows them to build a huge variety of fixture formats without the need for screws. Easy to assemble and disassemble, which allows you to open the stores with lower logistic cost and meet your expectations.
    New retail intelligent system-- Devices like cloud price tag, 3D intelligent shooting equipment and Self-checkout counters are based on intelligent software, hardware and artificial intelligence, which is aimed to realize interconnection and interaction in store screen for real-time updating inventory information.


    With a staff of over 600 the manufacturing team are expert at understanding technology and providing high quality – great value solutions. With modern factory space and machinery the manufacturing is split into 4 key workshops –metal, wood, surface finish and assembly.These teams are supported by a strong R&D team, a sampling team and highly experienced engineers and support staff.
    We have been certificated in ISO9000, SEDEX, FSC, SEA, CE, UL . Our current manufacturing center occupies 100,000 square meters, meanwhile, another modern production facility of more than 150,000 square meter is under construction, which can ensure sustainable development. Suntop enjoy very low staff turnover in China, and we can provide you the goods with consistent quality with highly trained operators and our word-class machines, we operate:
    • CNC Machines • Welding Manipulators • Laser cutting machines for Sheets and Tubes • Panel cutting and bonding machines • Spray Rooms • An automated powder coat line • An automated profile rolling line.


    With consumer demand rising and the speed of commerce increasing, having a well-oiled transportation and logistics operation is paramount. Whether you’re launching your shops domestically or internationally, we have rich experience and capabilities to ensure your distribution runs safely and timely with greater efficiency and lower transport costs. Meanwhile, we can provide professional installation services in China and oversea installation guidance services. From the start to when the final products are set up in your store our sole focus is on ensuring you get the best possible solution. This means the best possible store, the happiest of customers!